Excessive High-Speed ​​Wireless Charging Technology Banned

As consumers, we want the charging times of our devices to be reduced with the developing technology. While the manufacturers were also working on this issue, a news came from China that would limit the manufacturers. According to the information, China will ban wireless chargers that exceed 50W.

With the developing technology, the devices we use gain more advanced features. These features provide us with great convenience in our work, school and daily life. Fast charging technology is one of the technologies that we have achieved with the developing technology and that provides us with convenience in our lives. While users always want to see this technology one step further, China does not seem to be very happy with this situation.

According to the information, the country, which is famous for its bans, 50W in wireless charging technologies will not allow the value to be passed. Before we get confused, let’s point out that this only concerns wireless charging, so high speeds are not a problem with wired charging. Here are the details:

But why?

of china Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies as the reason for his decision security is showing. It is claimed that these technologies can block radio waves and cause problems in certain sectors. Among these sectors; aviation, navigation, astronomical observations, etc. may be affected by wireless charging there are fields.

This move by China when it was originally put forward was just a it consisted of a file but according to the steps taken, it will not take long for this to happen and become law. According to the dossier, China From 31 December 2021 It will withdraw from wireless chargers that exceed 50 W. Thus, a wireless charger manufactured, sold, imported or used in China from January 1, 2022 It will not exceed 50 W.


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Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Mi Mix 4 is currently worth 80 W using a wireless charger. With this development, the smartphone manufacturer will either stop the production of these devices or have to draw up to 50 W.

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