Exciting Bitcoin Statement by Billionaire Paul Tudor


Investor Paul Tudor Jones, who predicted the economic crisis in 1987 and went down in history as Black Monday, announced that he will invest some of his $ 7 billion fortune in Bitcoin today. This statement of Jones, which is welcomed by the markets with confidence, may lead billionaire investors and large companies back to Bitcoin.

The turmoil in the cryptocurrency markets led by Bitcoin and the ensuing recession are mostly associated with news from companies such as Tesla and MicroStrategy. Although the attitude of these companies, which have serious effects on the masses and big investors, towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, triggers the criticism of decentralization. reading sudden changes in the markets of great importance for

What happened on the Wall Street Stock Exchange in 1987 and shook the world Black Mondaydestroyed many big investors and companies that thought they had not taken the wrong steps at that time. However, as in every crisis, there were also those who turned the events into opportunities. Paul Tudor Jones was one of these names. Foreseeing the crisis and taking steps accordingly, Jones managed to generate $100 million in revenue. He is nowadays $7 billion worth of personal wealth an investor who has He also provides consultancy services to the sector with his company.

“I love Bitcoin” Tudor will dedicate 5% of his wealth to Bitcoin:

In an interview with CNBC, Jones, criticizing the US Federal Reserve’s “unsafe” assessment of Bitcoin, expressed his views on the inflation debate in the US. Then asked how he would evaluate his investments, Jones said, “The only thing I know for sure; I want to be in 5% gold, 5% Bitcoin, 5% cash, 5% commodities right now.” said.

This statement by Jones may be about the domestic economy of the USA, which also affects the global markets. However, among the investment tools he mentioned, the most reflexive tool on a global scale. Bitcoin. Apart from that, investors in the US react later and on a smaller scale compared to Bitcoin, as their gold, cash or commodity investments are dependent on central authorities. However, Bitcoin has a structure that is instantly affected by the explanations and preferences of large investors.

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