Experts Warn of Flood Risk After Fire

It has been announced that citizens should be prepared for flood disasters due to the thickening of the soil due to forest fires that have been going on for days. prof. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu said that there is no risk for the weekend.

Forest fires in our country in recent days both damage our forests and nature, and paves the way for other disasters. Experts say for regions with forest fires. flood warnings doing.

Fire zones are affected by the difficulty of absorbing enough water from the soil after rain. is at risk announced. Due to the low probability of precipitation over the weekend, at this time there is no serious danger among the statements made.

“Soil solidified”

ITU Disaster Management Center and Meteorology Engineering Department faculty member Prof. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu, “Normally the precipitation %60’while holding %30it flows and %10it evaporates. Now it will be the other way around and most of the precipitation will run off. little will be retained. It’s not just the lack of vegetation, from the burning of the earth will also originate“He warned the citizens.

General Directorate of Meteorology, in some regions where fires such as Antalya Rain expected over the weekend had explained. Kadıoğlu stated that the probability of precipitation on the weekend is not strong and no flood risk told. prof. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu will protect the citizens living in the stream beds against the risk of flooding in the future. careful and cautious He said they should be.


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Kadioglu said:When they hear the thunder flood probability It’s good to come. They have to be extremely careful about this.” said.

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