Explanation About Electricity Bills: These Are Good Days


It was on the agenda of social media recently that electricity bills went far beyond the hikes made. Abdullah Koç, member of the Board of Directors of the Energy Efficiency Association, made statements about these high bills that put out hope.

The last one was held on 1 July. 15 percent raise After the hikes in electricity, including high electricity bills on the agenda. Users, who stated the bills they received and the unreasonable amounts demanded to be paid on social media, faced high bills even if they were not at home.

situational Abdullah Koç, Board Member of the Energy Efficiency Associationmade a few comments. High amounts of invoices in their statements are not from companies. from the state Koç stated that these were better days for electricity bills.

“If the rains start and the dams relax, the cost of electricity will decrease”


Koç, in his statements, stated that electricity prices were increased 4 times in each tariff period. Besides Energy Market Regulatory Authority Koç said that he helped companies by increasing their distribution prices. He stated that 40-45 percent of the bills paid are taxes..

Koç said that the last time a raise was made on July 1, and when a new raise came, it was bills will hurt even more told. Hence, on electricity bills. that these are better days drew attention.

solar panel

When it comes to issues such as how to get rid of this situation, Koç says that if you go this way, your current price of 74 cents in October. unit price may exceed 1 lira He spoke and drew attention to the dams with precipitation. Stating that drought also played a role in this situation, Koç said that with the arrival of precipitation and the refilling of the dams. electricity cost will decrease stated.


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In order to get rid of the burning bills completely, Koç, renewable like solar and wind to energy resources He said orientation is important. In the continuation of this, Koç underlined that unless everyone puts solar panels on roofs and gardens and produces their own electricity, these bills will continue to burn.

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