Exxen Announces Survivor Audition for New Season


Acun Ilıcalı’s digital content platform Exxen has announced its newest program. According to the sharing made on the official Twitter account of the platform, the selection process of the contest named Survivor will be published on Exxen this year. The program in question will be named “Survivor Auditions”.

Acer Ilıcalı which is one of the most popular names in Turkey’s television industry, for a long time Exxen It continues to work on the digital platform called as. The platform, which has been the subject of discussions with its contents to be published so far, this time came up with a different production. According to the statements made on the official Twitter account of the platform, Survivor The selection process of the competition named will be published on Exxen this year.

Survivor, the history of Turkish television longest running One of the competitions. The program broadcast on TV8, which Ilıcalı has had for a while, has a very tight audience. Apparently, Acun Ilıcalı, not only YouTube users, Survivor fans trying to pull it to Exxen. The last program announced for the platform is the clearest indicator of this.

Here is the post from Exxen’s Twitter account

Exxen - Survivor Auditions

Many people watch Survivor more after the selection process. This year, however, the situation looks a little different. To be published in Exxen “Survivor Selection“The program named” will allow you to witness even the first days of the Survivor contest. Thus, Survivor fans will be able to tell about the participants of the contest much earlier. opportunity to obtain information they will catch.


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Among the programs announced for Exxen to date, such as Speakers, Tolgshow, Dirty Laundry, originally owned by YouTubers productions are included. In addition, TV series such as My Magic Mommy, Şeref Bey and Hüksızüz, and sports programs such as National Team Documentary and AYAKTENİSİ will also take place in Exxen. You created about the platform to all our news If you want to reach and get detailed information about Exxen, you can use the link here.