Exxen’s Smart TV Application Released

Acun Ilıcalı’s digital broadcasting platform Exxen, which was launched at the beginning of the year, became available on smart TVs months after its opening. The platform’s television app, which is available for many brands, will be released for more models in the near future.

One of Turkey’s popular series of movie-publishing platform Exxenmonths after its release, it continues to expand its usage area. Exxen, who announced the news to its followers with a post shared on Twitter today, now also on smart TVs announced that it can be used.

Exxen, which remained on the agenda for a long time with its launch, was offered to subscribers as an application for mobile devices in the first month of its opening. The platform, which reached a wide user base with many special productions, finally came to smart televisions and provided a wide range of access.

Exxen is available on many smart TVs

exxen smart television support

The tweet that came in the evening today gave the good news that Exxen is coming to smart TVs. In another tweet that followed, it was stated on which televisions the platform is supported. Exxen is now Vestel, Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Regal, Toshiba, Altus and Apple TV It can be installed in televisions and used in halls without an HDMI cable. Yet LG, Samsung and Android TV’de the unsupported application will come to these brands soon, according to the same tweet.

How to install Exxen application on TV?

exxen smart tv


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Installing the Exxen app on smart TVs is as simple as installing on mobile devices. First of all, of course, you need to have a smart TV of the above mentioned brands. Then, whatever the application download platform your TV supports, you need to enter here and search for the Exxen application. After you find and download Exxen, you can log in to the platform with your user information and start watching. If your television is not supported yet, you need to continue to connect your computer to the TV using an HDMI cable until support arrives.