F-16 Themed ‘Super Moon’ Sharing from the Ministry of National Defense


The ‘Super Moon’ that took place last night attracted great attention in our country and around the world. The Ministry of National Defense also shared an F-16-themed ‘Super Moon’ from its official social media accounts. The sharing of the Ministry attracted great attention on social media.

The Moon is in the closest position to Earth and therefore more than normal. big and bright observed “Super MoonDuring the nature event named ”, people share the images they take on social media. However, the most popular of these posts, Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defensewas the tweet shared on the official Twitter account of.

In the post on the social media accounts of the Ministry of National Defense, “Whether the moon is held or the Super Moon, they are always there!” With the note, Turkish F-16s and the Super Moon visible right behind were included.

Here is that post: