f1’e 1 Episode 2 Aired: We Talked About Imola GP

The second episode of our 1 podcast series was released to F1, where we talked about the Imola Grand Prix, where all the plans went to waste with the rain and the Bottas-Russell accident was marked.

Our podcast series where we cover Formula 1 races F1’e 1The second episode of ‘has been published. In this episode, while focusing on the second race of the season, the Imola Grand Prix, we also discussed what happened in the race. Returning to the calendar with the name Emilia Romagna for two years Imola It was very exciting again.

In the qualifying rounds, Perez beat Verstappen, Bottas remaining in 9th place It was also revealed that we will see a different start of the race from the starts we are used to in recent years. Rainfall during the race hour also made a mess.

The second episode of our F1 vs 1 Podcast series is now live! With Spotify and Deezer, you can listen below:

The lights went out and the race started?

The fact that pilots started having problems before starting the race reminded us that we were on a very difficult track. Because of the rain While almost all pit strategies went to waste, it was not overlooked that many pilots had difficulties due to varying conditions and could not reflect their desired performance on the track.

In our podcast, where we convey the difficulties of the race and the excitement we experience as a spectator, we did not forget the first name that comes to mind when Imola is mentioned, the Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna.

The mercedes got into each other


The young driver of Williams, one of the Mercedes pilots and also races with the Mercedes engine George Russell While touching on the accident between Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes’ Finnish pilot, we discussed the incident from the perspective of both the teams and the pilots. Of course Hamilton ve Verstappen the got the compliments they deserve.

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