Fabric Was Produced That Destroyed Coronavirus Within 2 Hours

A fabric production facility in Gaziantep produced a fabric that destroys the coronavirus within 2 hours. This fabric, which has a special chemical content, will be used in medical textile products as well as mask production. Authorities say mass production will start within a few days.

While vaccine and drug studies on coronavirus continue, other sectors are also working to change the course of the epidemic. For example, a company some time ago, a company that cleans the coronavirus in the environment. air filtering device had produced. Now, important news came from Gaziantep. A fabric manufacturing facility in the city, coronavirus Within 2 hours developed a fabric that destroys. This fabric can also be used in mask production.

Produced in Gaziantep “antiviral nonwoven fabric“The product of the 6-month study. The 9-person team, chemists, industry, textile, and he’s biomedical engineers. That’s scientists, their studies have succeeded in developing fabrics that could destroy the coronavirus as a result. The fabric produced in Turkey, Brazil and serves the UK of the two centers confirmation to take also succeeded. In other words, the functionality of this fabric has been registered by two different sources.

Coronavirus dies 99.99 percent

Effective fabric against coronavirus

Explanations about the fabric produced, chaired the group of 9 people Mustafa Daglicame from. Dağlı said that they have achieved an innovation with the fabric they produce and talked about the features of the fabric. According to the statements made, the antiviral nonwoven fabric has Chemical content Thanks to its antiviral properties. This allows the coronavirus, which comes into contact with the fabric, to disappear at a rate of 99.99 percent within a maximum of two hours.


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In the statements made by Hasan Gürkan Bayram, the owner of the fabric production facility, the mass production of the fabric produced in the coming days It was stated that it will start. Referring to the products to be produced with special fabric, Bayram, besides masks, medical gowns, overalls, patient covers and similar medical textiles He said it would be released. Products, as well as the Turkey market will be sold in other countries.

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