Facebook brings new products such as reels ads and sticker ads – eCommerce magazine


As a study by Ipsos in November 2020 shows, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular video platforms for connecting with brands. In order to further strengthen these connections, which are valuable for companies, terminate Facebook and Instagram are introducing important innovations for advertising formats.

Reels Ads: Starting today, Reels Ads will be tested with the first selected companies and brands in Germany, Brazil, Australia and India. In Germany these are BMW and Westwing. Within a very short time, reels have developed into a creative stage for brands and creators where they can be discovered by the community. Reels ads are displayed on the move and fill the screen between organic reels content, similar to the ads in stories, and can be up to 30 seconds long. People on Instagram can find them in the Reels tab, as reels in Stories, in the Explore area or in the feed.

Advertising formats Facebook
Reels ads on Instagram are displayed across the screen between organic reels content. (Image: Facebook)

Topic categories for in-stream video ads: Advertisers are given the opportunity to place their advertising formats such as advertisements in an even more topic-specific manner and thus have more control over the environment in which their content appears. For this purpose, 26 subject categories and numerous sub-categories are tested, between which advertisers can now choose when creating in-stream ads in the ad manager.

Sticker Ads for Facebook Stories: Creators shape culture, set trends and inspire communities on our platforms. Facebook would like to support them in this and offer them further opportunities to connect with brands. Creators can now monetize their stories on Facebook with sticker ads by including stickers created by companies or brands. You will receive part of the resulting income. (sg)

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