Facebook Criticized for Advertising Policy


Facebook had been criticized last month for allowing politicians to make misleading advertisements. Facebook's employees, who received much criticism by users, complained about the same situation.

world most used social media platforms Facebookhas faced a lot of problems in the past year. First of all the company Chief Executive Officer'That Mark Zuckerberg, users personal data with other companies without permission Share it had to go to court. Crypto currency after this case continued for a long time. pound started working on Facebook, together with supporters loosing faced another problem.

As they were not enough, a coup to Facebook faced with a lawsuit due to the fact that the logo of Calibra is exactly the same as the logo of another bank shared on social media. ads came. The company has been receiving criticism and complaints for ads for a while. The reason of this; Facebook, politicians misleading ads policy. This topic, which users showered criticism, is employees also affected.

Hundreds of employees complain about advertising policies:

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Politicians that misleading Facebook to share ads as the would ruin employees who think, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg'e expressed their complaints. One of the letters of complaint against these ads, thought to increase insecurity on Facebook, was shared by the New York Times.


Facebook's Crypto Money Becomes A Prosecution Because Of The Calibra Logo

In a letter from one of the employees, "Misinformation affects us all. Current policies threaten everything Facebook represents. We stand against these policies. Instead, we think politicians should only be able to publish trusted content"Mark Zuckerberg has not made a statement yet.