Facebook deletes networks: One of the widespread Russian propaganda in Germany


In December 1957, Facebook deleted accounts plus a further 707 Instagram accounts as well as 156 pages and 727 groups. That’s more than ever in a month. She assigns Facebook 17 networks that have tried to manipulate other users through campaigns.

Most of the networks targeted people from the country from which they were acting. In five cases, users from other countries should be addressed. Mostly it was about elections, what sea ​​up makes intervention particularly difficult because the line between “healthy public debate” and “manipulation” is so difficult to draw. References are provided by tracing back to “individual organizations that run coordinated manipulation campaigns”.

Often site operators pose as local news sites. Behind this are often agencies that offer campaigns as a service. For example, supposed foreign media have been built up from the separatist areas in eastern Ukraine, which have spread pro-Russian propaganda in several other countries. and the world had made Facebook aware of it in December, and the social network responded by deleting it. There, such a procedure falls under prohibited foreign interference. Particularly problematic was the fact that disinformation about the opposition politician Alexej Navalny was spread on a German-language website called “Abendlich Hamburg”, which was then taken over by Russian media as if they were real, reports Netzpolitik.

Facebook also received references to so-called “coordinated inauthentic behavior” from other sources. 10 of the 17 networks were noticed in cooperation with external partners or through reports. The social network also provides all information about the networks to companies, researchers, lawyers and journalists. With better and faster detection of manipulation attempts, most networks would hardly have been able to reach other users until they were removed.

Facebook publishes a report at least once a month listing the networks that have been deleted. Partly with sample articles and names of pages and groups.


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