Facebook Employees Complain The Company Through An Open Letter

The moderator team, which controls content on Facebook, shared an open letter saying the company was putting their lives and their family members at risk by asking them to come to the office.

A group working on Facebook moderatorcollectively on wednesday open letter they published. In the letter published, the giant social media company “that you want them to risk their livesHowever, the moderators say that family relatives are also at risk. The letter allegedly asked moderators to return to work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Facebook owned social media moderators who examined the contents on their platforms, stated that they could be exposed to going to the office by getting a doctor’s note in the open letter they published, but high-risk family member stated that the employees found do not have this opportunity.

In the letter “Multiple cases of Covid-19 occurred in several officesFacebook employees said, “In the text they published”We urge employees, Facebook executives and company executives such as Accenture and CPL to take immediate steps to protect us and value our business. We were rejected. We are publishing this letter as we have no other choice left.“Statements took place.


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The reason Facebook is forcing moderators to return to the office, according to letter writers, is that the company moderation it is because the system has been years away from really working. In the letter, every day from child abuse to uncensored violence by Facebook to moderators who had to see countless harmful content mental health service It is also stated that it does not provide.

In the open letter the moderators have published, they are among the companies that employ Facebook and subcontracted workers for Facebook. risk payment, It demands more flexible working opportunities and access to mental healthcare during the pandemic.

Statement came from Facebook spokesperson


After the publication of this letter, a statement came from a Facebook spokesperson. Some of the allegations in the letter objection pay spokesman, “We appreciate the valuable work done by the moderators and at the same time give priority to their health and safety.” said. “Although we believe in an open internal dialogue, these discussions need to be honest. The majority of our 15,000 global moderator employees are currently working from home and will continue to work throughout the outbreak.”Said Facebook spokesperson,“All have access to healthcare and welfare resources from the first day of employment. In addition, Facebook pays attention to health guidance to keep facilities safe in any in-office work.“He used expressions.


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