Facebook: More control options for parents in Messenger Kids


The US company Facebook announces new control options for parents in its Messenger Kids. The chat program is aimed at children. Their parents can now see in the Parent Dashboard – to a certain extent their control center – with whom their child chatted how often and which pictures and videos were shared. If the parents consider the sent recordings to be inappropriate, they can delete them.

In addition, parents can view blocked contacts of their child and log out manually from the app for their child. There is also a download function analogous to the regular social network app according to Facebook to disposal. This is used to download an overview of the data stored about the child in Messenger.

The Messenger Kids came on the market in 2017 and gave parents control options such as a time control and an overview of their child's conversations. Because of its very young target group of six to twelve year olds, the chat program is criticized.

Facebook emphasizes that the messenger's data will not be used for advertising and guarantees that the data collected will never be sold to third parties. In the past, the US company had repeatedly made headlines with data scandals.


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