Facebook News should come to Germany

Facebook wants to expand with its news service Facebook News. The company announced that the “high-quality and trustworthy news” that was previously only available on the Facebook app in the USA and that it claims to be “high-quality and trustworthy news” will also be available in six to twelve months in Germany, Great Britain, France, India and Brazil.

CBS News, among others, cooperates with Facebook News in the USA Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg. The offer, called “News-Tab” by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg himself, shows news content that users can personalize and for which Facebook pays media companies some money for use.

Facebook is currently talking to possible media partners. The company wants to take into account the different usage habits in the different countries and the requirements of the news providers. Facebook promises publishers that they can increase their traffic with the news offering, while the social network can also offer more credible information

Facebook came under fire for its news offer when it became known in October 2019 that the right-wing populist portal Breitbart should also be one of them. Zuckerberg commented that diverse political views should be available.


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