Facebook Will Give All Employees $ 1,000 Extra

COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide and deaths continue to increase. While countries will do their best to minimize this spread, Facebook will give all its employees $ 1,000 to support its employees in this challenging process.

Preventing viruses that spread rapidly around the world is difficult and the consequences can be serious. Not falling from today's agenda Covidien-19among these viruses. In our country, this virus has caught 98 event this number in other countries eighty thousand to It can reach.

From the new species Corona virus (COVID-19) its employees and companies that want to protect their body support their employees from home and close their physical stores. Facebook, which includes 45,000 employees, is among these companies. house He explained that he wanted his work.

Facebook will give all its employees $ 1,000 each.

This is the new type of Corona virus (COVID-19) spread around the world tough Facebook is able to support its employees and their motivation To keep it high, she gives her 1,000 dollar bonus to all her full time employees.

The bonus is to switch to the office layout of people who work from home spending on or considering the fees that families with children will give to carers. as plannedSilicon Valley giant is mentioned by Facebook.

Facebook this jackpot will pay full-time employees. Working hours of part-time employees such as cleaning staff and cafeteria worker fallen Although it is known that regular fees are paid by Facebook.

Facebook, with the Corona virus damage will also help companies that have stopped.

With COVID-19 virus the measures increasing managements; such as cafe, cinema, coffee shop, shopping mall, entertainment center and even public transportation companies open to the public decided to close the organizations providing service. These and similar businesses are Corona virus therefore it suffered great damage.


Due to Corona Virus Death Occurred first in Turkey (Announced Number Current Case)

Technology leader company's Operations Director Sheryl Sandberg, 100 million a fee of up to $ 50 to small businesses in 30 countries heavily affected by the virus support announced that it will be distributed with the aim of being. Facebook owners can use this help as cash or advertising credit. Referencing required.

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