Facebook will share end-to-end encrypted messages


Facebook and WhatsApp are known for their end-to-end encryption of inter-personal conversations. This meant that both platforms attached importance to privacy, but as a result of a new agreement, the issue of giving these encrypted messages to specific parties came to the fore.

As a result of extreme political agreements, social media platforms can remain in very interesting situations. The situation that Facebook will experience in recent times may also serve as an example. As a result of an agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom, Facebook's top users can get in trouble with their users.

As a result of the US agreement with the United Kingdom in October, Facebook and other social media platforms may have to deliver encrypted messages to the UK law enforcement agencies. While this will only apply to serious issues such as pedophilia and terrorism, it is still possible for the United Kingdom to have such a power.


The United States and the United Kingdom will be able to investigate each other's citizens as a result of the agreement, but the United States will not be able to receive information from the United Kingdom in cases of death penalty.

As with other politicians, UK Interior Minister Priti Patel said that end-to-end encryption makes it easier for terrorists and makes it difficult for intelligence agencies to track suspicious activity. Of course, there are certain problems related to this issue.


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Confidentiality doubts again as end-to-end encrypted messages are delivered to both countries as a result of the agreement. In addition, if there is an option to remove end-to-end encryption, it is a fact that not only governments but everyone can use it. Parties that can use it include malicious countries and criminals.