Facebook Will Start Showing Ads on Oculus VR


Social media giant Facebook has announced that it has started testing ads on its virtual reality set Oculus VR. The ads, which are shown in a limited number of games, are planned to be published for more content in the future.

Virtual reality has been a largely ad-free experience up until this point, but that looks set to change soon. US-based social media giant Facebook, Oculus VR to show ads on your devices announced that it has started a test. Ads will first be added to Resolution Games’ VR game Blaston and will appear in a few more games from other developers in the coming weeks.

Facebook Reality Rifts, in a blog post on the subject, shared on its website. “Although this is an early test providing a new revenue stream for developers and, as a result, we are excited about the opportunity to expand the types of apps and content on the Oculus platform.” said.

Oculus ads will follow Facebook’s advertising principles:

The company’s VR, WITH with Oculus engineers and its developers encompassing R&D group Facebook Reality LabsHe also said he’s invested in ‘unobtrusive’ ads across the various VR-specific formats. used on mobile platforms Oculus mobile app It has also recently started serving ads.

Oculus ads, according to Facebook Reality Labs, Facebook’s advertising policies will follow. At this point, advertisers anonymized they will be able to purchase targeted ads based on user characteristics. Additionally, to learn more about the ad, users can hide specific ads or all ads from an advertiser. “Why am I seeing this ad?” that they can use the button.

social media giant rendered and stored locally on the VR set It underlined that it will not serve ads based on information (such as weight, height, gender information you enter into Oculus Move, or raw images from sensors in the Oculus Quest).


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In today’s internet world, there is almost no platform where advertisements do not enter. Although virtual reality has held up well so far, with this event that Facebook ignited, we may soon start seeing ads on VR sets of more brands. So, what do you think about this? your ideas comments Don’t forget to specify in