Facebook's experiment team launches new app: Hobbi


Facebook's New Product Experimentation Team (NPE) is launching a new app. Hobbi should help with organizing and documenting projects. The style and design are strongly reminiscent of Pinterest. Initially, the app is only available in a few countries. It is unclear whether it will be published worldwide and can prevail.

With the Hobbi app, users can share, collect and sort photos. Projects can be accompanied and recorded. The target group should clearly be people who follow the do-it-yourself trend. So far, Hobbi has only been reported in Colombia, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine The Information,

The NPE team introduced Facebook last summer. It should develop and try out new products. They can disappear as quickly as the apps appear. Facebook therefore does not publish them under its own name. With the experiment apps, the social network wants to test how new functions are received. According to its own statement, the focus is always on data protection.


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