Fahrettin Koca: The Upcoming Process is Concerned


Turkey August 2 that share the social media accounts of the coronavirus table Health Minister Fahrettin Koca measures during Eid al-Adha holiday and lack, in terms of results will emerge in the coming days “worrying” as described.

New type coronaviruses The epidemic continues to spread without slowing down. According to World Health Organization data, a new day by day record while breaking, the number of cases worldwide 18 million in the past. It is known that 690 thousand of people who have fallen ill so far have lost their lives.

On the other hand, when we look at the table in our country, the number of cases is the last month. 1,000 we see that it is fixed underneath. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who shares daily numbers from his social media account, is about the upcoming coronavirus process in his today’s post. “worry transmitter” said.

Fahrettin Koca: Lack of measure is worrying:


Turkey’s share of coronavirus August 2 statement social media accounts Minister of Health, increased our number of new patients in the province last 3 days pneumonia rate of stays the same, across the country heavy patient number of our He said he appeared under control.

However, Husband, during the Feast of Sacrifice and during the holiday precaution lack of, in terms of the results that will appear in the coming days “worry transmitter“Minister Koca stated the following statements in his entire share:

“The rate of pneumonia remained the same in the provinces where the number of new patients increased in the last 3 days. The number of serious patients across the country seems to be under control. The lack of precautionary holidays and holiday precautions are worrying about the results that will occur in the coming days.”

Today, 987 people are caught in the coronavirus:

August 2 Coronavirus Table

When we look at the current data, 40,247 test results as of August 2 987 The coronavirus test result of the new patient was positive. Today 18 while the patient died of the virus, 978 and the person got his health.


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With the latest data, the total number of patients infected with the virus in our country so far 232.856’y to, the total number of deaths 5728 tois the total number of people who have recovered the virus and regained their health 216 494 to Rose.

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