Fahrettin Koca’s last-minute curfew statement


Certain measures were taken to control the outbreak after the coronavirus outbreak. These measures included a four-day curfew, as well as a ban on under-20s and over-65s. Minister Koca made a new statement about who can go out on the streets.

The coronavirus, which affects the whole world, continues its effects in our country as well. As a result of measures taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic disease four days a curfew has been decided; Over 65 and under 20 It was forbidden to go out on the street.

The coronavirus, which declined steadily in our country, allowed life to return to normal in certain areas. Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, who made explanations regarding the normalization studies, the curfew He also brought a statement about. Koca, who stated that the four-day curfew is over, who can go out on the street He explained.

The ban is still under the age of 20 and over 65:

Dahrettin Koca

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, the official Twitter account said that the curfew was lifted he said. In the statement, for citizens under 20 and over 65 if the curfew continues Expressed in the words:

MY YOUNG FRIENDS, the curfew got up tonight. Unfortunately, this application does not include you 15-20 years old, adults over 65 years old, or children under 14 years old. I ask you to be patient, to give us some more time. VERY LOVE. “

We must know the value of our house


Fahrettin Koca, who announced that the curfew, which lasted for four days, had been lifted by 00:00 on 27 May, said that in his statements, it would be time to return to the time when coronavirus cases were not observed. since it is not yet possible I mention. Underlining the need to be vigilant, Koca said “We must continue to appreciate the value of our home again” used expressions.