Fairtube: Google invites the Youtuber union for talks


The Fairtube initiative will be held on October 22, 2019 with the Compose video portal Youtube, The goal is to create more transparency in decision-making criteria that affect the monetization of Youtube videos. In addition, Fairtube wants to talk to Google in Berlin about an independent arbitration board. Members demand qualified and human contact persons for the many content creators on the platform.

Job market

  1. Fresenius Medical Care Germany GmbH, Sankt Wendel
  2. JENOPTIK AG, Jena

One initiator is the German Youtuber Jörg Sprave, who is on his channel The Slingshot Channel Crossbows and throwing machines builds and introduces. Since a change in 2018, advertisers can decide to which channels they want to tie their banners. Especially US channels, which show weapons as a symbol of violence, are partially ignored or ignored. US channels like Demolition Ranch That's why external sponsors and alternative merchandising businesses are using it as a source of revenue.

Millions of subscribers are no longer enough

Sprave himself confirms loudly mirrorthat, despite 2.3 million subscribers, he can no longer live on the channel's advertising revenues. He and other members of Fairtube therefore demand participation, for example in the form of an advisory board.

Fairtube is supported by the trade union IG Metall. The points that the initiative would like to make are similar to a union of industrial workers. Eight hours before the deadline, Youtube said on August 23, 2019 to such claims and gave a fairly generic answer.

From the point of view of Youtube, video producers are not employees in the sense of the law. Spave responded with one own video and could not resist analogies like slave labor.