Falcon 9 Rocket Spotted En route to Launch Base

The Falcon 9 rocket, which will carry the capsule into orbit in the Inspiration4 mission, where SpaceX will take 4 space tourists to Earth’s orbit, was seen bloody at Kennedy Space Center. The rocket in the images spread on Reddit will be instrumental in the longest touristic space travel ever.

One of the biggest goals of Elon Musk’s private space agency SpaceX, other than laying the foundations for extraterrestrial life, was to make space travel accessible to everyone. It will be SpaceX’s first step towards achieving this goal. first ‘tourist’ space flight very little left to do. The construction of the rocket to be used in flight has been completed and has been recently viewed.

Falcon 9, the rocket that will be used in SpaceX’s flight, whose crew will be entirely composed of space tourists, will be launched recently. He was photographed en route to NASA’s takeoff base at Kennedy Space Center. If all goes well, the rocket’s flight will keep the space tourists in orbit around the Earth for a considerable time.

Falcon 9 that will take tourists on a 72-hour space adventure:

SpaceX’s first tourist flight will not be the world’s first tourist flight. Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic had similar flights this summer. In fact, the first of these types of flights, It was carried out in 2001 with a Russian spacecraft. But all these flights ended up keeping the tourists in space for just a few minutes. SpaceX’s flight will not be like this.

Images of the Falcon 9 rocket, which will be used in the Inspiration4 mission, which will take 4 people who do not know about being astronauts, spread among space enthusiasts on Reddit. Now ready for flight, the rocket has reached the launch base where it will take off. Departure will take place on September 14. The Crew Dragon capsule, which has a dome-glass window designed for viewing space, will remain in orbit for 3 days after reaching space by rocket.