Fan Made StarCraft: Mass Recall Released


StarCraft: Mass Recall v8, the mode developed by the players of StarCraft 2, one of the favorite games of strategy game lovers, has been released. This mode, developed by fans, was quite faithful to the original game.

StarCraft, one of the most popular game series in the game world, has a considerable player base around the world. The players of StarCraft 2, the second game of the series, a playable StarCraft game managed to do it.

The game, which is a fully playable remake of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War in StarCraft 2, StarCraft: Mass Recall was named. The game can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Stuck to the progress and dialogues in the original game

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Version 8.0 of the project was among those who realized the project on sc2mapster last week. “karlprojektorinski” Published by. So, what is in StarCraft: Mass Recall made by the fans?

According to the statement made, in StarCraft: Mass Recall; There are 59 maps from Brood War, 3 maps that were somehow deleted from the game and 6 maps from the 1998 demo. All progress and dialogue in the original StarCraft has been preserved, according to a statement in the title opened on Team Liquid’s forum site. But for an experience close to modern strategy games some changes in difficulty levels done.

Also in addition to Mass Recall mode, developed by OmegaWeaponX Enslaver Redux You can also download the mod. Developed on the StarCraft’s Enslaver campaign, this version includes four episodes, nine maps, new missions, improved heroes and StarCraft 2: Wings of Libertyis presented the deep story that leads to. These mods are compatible with any version of StarCraft 2.


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StarCraft 2, published by Blizzard in 2010; It was kept up-to-date with packages such as Wings of Liberty and Legacy of Void. Blizzard, to make the sequel to the series He had announced that they were slowing the development of StarCraft 2.

To download and review StarCraft: Mass Recall in more detail here you can click.