Fast Food: Deliveroo stops food delivery service in Germany

Deliveroo will finish its food delivery service in Germany later this week. This gave the British company on 12 August 2019 known, By the end of August 16, the company will be discontinued. The reason is "doubling sales in other markets worldwide"that obviously did not succeed in Germany.

Job market

  1. Dürr Systems AG, Bietigheim-Bissingen
  2. SCHOTT AG, Mainz

Deliveroo will be drivers, restaurants and employees "appropriate" Offer compensation and goodwill packages.

Deliveroo, based in London, was founded in 2013 and is still active in 13 countries after leaving Germany.

In Germany, Takeaway from the Netherlands with its Lieferando brand took over delivery services Lieferheld, and Foodora in December 2018 for around 930 million euros.

Christoph Schink, head of department for the hospitality industry at the union food-pleasure-restaurants (NGG), said on request: "According to company information, 1,000 drivers are affected by the closure in Germany." The drivers, who calls Schink waiters on bicycles, would have heard the news only from the media. "There was no company meeting."

From the promise of a reasonable compensation and goodwill package is not much to keep: "They see themselves as technology companies, the app is supposed to run, the drivers are something like lights on the display for Deliveroo."

After a works council was enforced at Deliveroo, the company had set no more drivers firmly. The remuneration is 5.50 euros per food delivery. At peak times, three deliveries per hour are to be created. Usually it is less.

"We do not weep for the company and its bizarre-based business practices, but this very short deadline between getting noticed and implementing the business is a shock to the employees, which also shows the disadvantages of this business model."said NGG chairman Guido Zeitler. Necessary is a job requiring social insurance from day one.