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Luxurious serum, glittering eyeshadow or a fragrant perfume – the Online trade for beauty products is booming like never before. Comfortably placed in the shopping cart from the comfort of your home couch, the desired product is usually on the bathroom shelf the next day. The first address for online hopping of beauty products is called flaconi. The industry leader has his hands full, because in addition to quality, customers especially expect a quick delivery of their orders. The goods roll rapidly through the corridors of the 10,000 sqm warehouse in Berlin, reliably transported with the Order picking trolley KT3 by Wanzl.

The right picking trolley for a perfect beauty experience

“We do everything we can to offer our customers a comprehensive beauty experience and high service quality,” says Steffen Christ, part of the management of flaconi and responsible as COO for the logistics area. “In addition to the broad product portfolio, we achieve our claim primarily through an optimal supply chain, simple order processing and fast shipping. Since we work according to the ‘man to goods’ principle in our warehouse, we place high demands on our order picking trolleys every day. That is why we chose the KT3 model from Wanzl. ”

A total of 100 order picking trolleys from Wanzl are in use at flaconi every day, both in storage and in the picking process. The goods are stored on the meter-high shelves and there is a lot of work in between – no problem for the agile Wanzl wagons.

Order picking trolley
The KT3 order picking trolley has a load capacity of up to 300 kg. (Image: Wanzl)

45,000 products require a lot of flexibility

A total of two order picking trolleys must fit side by side in the narrow aisles when the goods are deposited or fetched. Flexibility is a must, as is resilience. The distances are long in the warehouse, because 720 brands and 45,000 products need their space. “A total of 150 employees work here and the cars are your constant companion,” reports Christ. “In addition to a load capacity of up to 300 kg, the KT3 convinces us above all with its maneuverability, which is achieved by the additional 5th wheel, and the low weight. Thanks to the separately installed ladder, our employees can also reach the high shelves. ”

System construction picking trolley

The product range that flaconi stores in Berlin is extensive and diverse: from natural cosmetics to luxury products to the classic Nivea cream, tubes, glass bottles and all kinds of fragile jars find their way into the baskets and compartments of the trolley. It must be equipped accordingly. Thanks to the system design, the KT3 could be adapted to the special requirements of the beauty pioneer.

“To transport our goods efficiently, Wanzl configured the KT3 individually for us. In addition to the 5th wheel and the ladder, all trolleys have an additional pair of handles so that they can be easily pushed through the aisles. We also equipped the model for the storage with a grid rear wall and four hanging floors, for the pick we in turn chose six hanging floors, ”explains Steffen Christ.

Close cooperation with the manufacturer

Close coordination was necessary in advance for an optimally tailored solution to the needs of flaconi. As a holistic solution provider, Wanzl attaches particular importance to support and comprehensive service – a claim that industry expert mii flaconi shares. Steffen Christ sums up the collaboration with corresponding satisfaction: “It quickly became clear which features we needed for the KT3 in order to meet our diverse requirements. We really appreciate this solution-oriented way of working, as well as the good communication. That made working with Wanzl very pleasant for us. ”

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