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One point that is of particular importance with regard to customer loyalty measures is logistics. Even if it remains largely hidden from the customer, functioning logistics have a lasting effect on customer satisfaction. It is thus also promoting the boom in online trading. However, the emphasis is on “functioning”. Because what the results of the Benchmark report Another impressive proof is that delays or problems when shipping the goods are counterproductive. The result: Almost half of online customers would no longer shop in the same online shop after a bad shipping experience. In contrast, 93 percent of those surveyed said that they would order again from the respective retailer based on a positive experience. What do these numbers mean for ecommerce businesses?

Which measures for customer loyalty do the logistics processes offer?

In order for logistics processes to have a positive effect on the quality of purchasing, their consistent control and a high level of customer orientation are essential: For example, efficient processes that involve as little movement of goods as necessary are a possible goal. This is the only way mail order companies can stay true to the specified delivery times. At the same time, this also reduces damage to the goods that can result from frequent transport.

The switch to modern logistics software can help e-commerce companies to make processes from ordering to delivery as transparent as possible. Inbound and outbound processes such as storage and retrieval can also be mapped more easily. Another possibility to increase customer loyalty within logistics is offered by insourcing: the independently supervised logistics allow (shipping) processes to be adapted faster and more flexibly to the needs of customers.

Convenience aspects are also gaining in importance. By letting their customers choose from several delivery options or offering them tracking and tracing, mail order companies can increase long-term satisfaction. This “extra mile” will be decisive in comparison with competitors.

The crucial importance of logistics is still often underestimated

And what does the future hold? Several logistics hubs in metropolitan areas as well as warehouse networks will gain in importance as they can further shorten delivery times significantly. In addition, the topic of environmental and climate protection is increasingly coming to the fore: Customers are increasingly choosing online shops that ensure a low carbon footprint. For example, they would like mail order companies that integrate e-mobility into their business model and offer sustainable packaging and consolidated orders.

When it comes to customer loyalty measures, the importance of logistics is often underestimated or even overlooked. However, if this division works very well, it not only ensures satisfied customers, but also sustained success for the retailer.

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