Fatih Altaylı Called Özgür Demirtaş

Fatih Altaylı, the host of the Teke Tek program, called the famous finance professor Özgür Demirtaş after seeing the record level of the dollar.

The Teke Tek program, presented by Fatih Altaylı, has been broadcast almost non-stop since 1995. Program where different guests are hosted every week on the agenda attracts a lot of attention.

your dollar tonight 9.74While many people were wondering about the fate of the dollar, Fatih Altaylı called the famous writer and finance professor Özgür Demirtaş and found himself invited to the program.

“If you don’t come now, when will you come?”

In his post on Twitter, “Ozgur Demirtas, my teacher. Come to One on One this week, please. Everyone is wondering what you will say. If you don’t come now, when will you come?” said Fatih Altaylı and invited Özgür Demirtaş to this week’s One on One program.

Followers who see Altaylı’s post are #OzgurDemirtasTekeTekeGelsin He invited the finance professor, famous for his hash, to join the program.


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Özgür Demirtaş, on the other hand, has not yet submitted to Fatih Altaylı’s offer. He did not give a positive or negative answer.