Feature that facilitates the transition from Apple to Android from iPhone

Apple announced that it has released a new feature for iCloud users. The feature in question enables the backup photos in iCloud to be easily transferred to Google Photos.

It is stated that it restricts users in the iOS operating system compared to the Android ecosystem. Applecounter these criticisms, facilitating the transition from iOS to Android. a new vehicle announced. With the tool in question, photos backed up to iCloud can be moved to Google Photos very easily.

Apple’s new addition to iCloud “Transfer a copy of your data” option allows photos backed up to Apple’s cloud storage service to be transferred to a third-party service. For the moment only Google Photos The feature, which offers support for, creates a copy in Google Photos instead of deleting the photos in iCloud during the transfer process.

iCloud transfer the photos to Google Photos unavailable at the moment for Turkey

Google Photos iCloud

While the new feature of iCloud makes it easy to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone; also iCloud It can also be used to back up data on another cloud storage. However, the new feature of iCloud is yet only Australia, Canada, EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, UK and USA‘Because also available for use with the iPhone in Turkey will have to wait a little longer.

By the way iCloud smart albums, live photos, photo streaming Note that it is not currently moving some Apple-specific content such as its contents to Google Photos. While videos are transferred one by one from one service to another; photos are likely to be transferred in albums.


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Meanwhile, to transfer files from iCloud to Google Photos to an Apple ID with two-factor authentication and needs a Google account with enough space to accommodate iCloud content, plus data transfer from three to seven days is completed Let’s also specify.

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