Federal government builds central portal for environmental information


Access to information that is important for environmental management, science or NGOs, for example, is very fragmented in Germany. The Federal Environment Ministry now wants to remedy this by setting up a national portal for environmental information. It is to be created next summer in Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

The European Commission criticized the fragmentation and suggested establishing central national access to environmental information, writes the Ministry of the Environment. It wants to invest 85 million euros to set up a national access to environmental information that bundles all information available nationwide on environmental topics in one place. These should be tailored to the target group and made available to all citizens, science and research, companies and industry as well as the administration.

In the Ministry’s view, it is also important that data that record the state of nature and the environment are not only collected by the public sector; Private households, individuals and companies also consciously or unconsciously collect environmental data. This creates an extensive amount of data for environmental information. The environmental information center should therefore also examine how this information can be made more accessible, including with artificial intelligence, so that those interested “no longer have to rummage through databases for specialists”, as the ministry puts it.

A federal-state committee decided on the Merseburg site as a branch of the Federal Environment Agency in order to support the structural change in the local coal mining area.


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