Federal government: Networks can easily handle increasing data traffic

The German government believes that the German networks can easily handle the increasing data traffic in the corona virus crisis. "As the federal government, we talk to the Federal Network Agency and the operators several times a day. Nobody has to worry that we do not have enough network capacity," said Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitalization in the Chancellery Stuttgart newspaper and the Stuttgart News (Saturday). Measures had been taken in the past weeks "to ensure that the networks always function properly".

The CSU politician sees Germany as "well equipped" because of the world's largest Internet node (DE-CIX): "If a video conference does not work, it is not necessarily due to the networks, but often to the IT systems that are not designed for such high loads of companies like lack of server capacity. "

Working from home with the computer "does not significantly burden the networks," said Bär. However, it is good if streaming providers "take responsibility very early and, as a precaution, help relieve the pressure on the networks". She referred to services like Netflix and Youtube. These had previously announced that they would reduce their data volumes in Europe by temporarily deteriorating the image quality.


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