Federal Network Agency: No exception to the router freedom for Vodafone

For Vodafone, there is no exception to router freedom in FTTH networks. A spokesman for the Federal Network Agency said on request, the wording of the paragraph 45d paragraph 1 in the Telecommunications Act is clear. "After that, the connection to the passive network termination point is to be provided even in fiber optic networks and the end customer has the free choice of modem and router."

Job market

  1. Bechtle IT system house GmbH, Duesseldorf, Krefeld
  2. BWI GmbH, Strausberg had reported that Vodafone actively combats the router freedom for the fiber-optic modem (ONT) and the customer requires their own device.

Telekom has submitted data

The Federal Network Agency have this view on router freedom in the competent "ATRT project group also repeatedly expressed and is currently in an ongoing exchange with, inter alia, Vodafone.The fact that against the fulfillment of legal requirements, the objection of technical impossibility can not be raised, also shows that the German Telekom interface descriptions for corresponding terminals has published (PDF). "

The implementation of terminal choice does not depend on completing the work of the ATRT project group on the requirements for interface descriptions.

From the legal situation, however, does not necessarily follow that such devices would actually be offered on the market, in this case fiber optic modems from third party suppliers, which allow the operation of a GPON / point-to-multipoint network, and thus the choice of terminal equipment can be practically implemented ,