Federal Network Agency: Pay less if the internet is bad

Anyone who has significantly worse Internet at home than the provider promised can reduce payments to them from December onwards. The Federal Network Agency defines criteria, which will be published as a draft version this Wednesday – after a survey of market participants, the final decision will be made. The catalog of criteria is about how large the deficits must be before the consumer can make use of the right of reduction. The criteria apply to landline internet.

With the amendment of the Telecommunications Act 2021, the role of consumers was strengthened. It is true that you could reduce the payment to the Internet provider beforehand if the performance was poor. However, it has been difficult for consumers to enforce this right. That is about to change: Anyone who will take measurements in the future with the broadband desktop app from the Federal Network Agency can use these values ​​to justify the reduction in monthly payments.

Now the network agency defines the threshold from which a consumer is entitled to a reduction. How much less you can pay is already clear: In the case of a “significant, continuous or regularly recurring deviation in speed”, the amount that can be reduced is as much as the difference between the actual and the contractually agreed service.

When entering into Internet contracts, the providers must clarify in product information sheets what their maximum and minimum data transfer rates are, as well as the speed that is normally available. Consumers must orient themselves to these values ​​in order to be able to pay less depending on the results of the measurements.


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