Federal Network Agency: Telefónica avoids fines due to missing LTE masts


In the second attempt, Telefónica Deutschland still fulfilled the obligation to expand the 4G network (LTE). The Federal Network Agency will not impose the threatened fine of 600,000 euros, said the regulator on August 10, 2020 with. 3,040 LTE stations should be operational by July 31, 2020.

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Telefónica has to set up a further 1,900 locations by the end of September. The pension requirement must then be fully met by the end of the year. For this purpose, around 2,660 more LTE stations are to be implemented, said the Federal Network Agency.

Before the grace period expired at the end of September, Deutsche Telekom was able to supply around 97 percent of households with 50 Mbit / s in the antenna sector in all federal states. The network operator still has to fully supply the main traffic routes by the end of the year. The delays are not to be represented by the Telekom, said a company spokesman March 2020. Along the railways and on the highways structural hurdles are often in the way. “We already supply 12,940 of the approximately 13,200 kilometers of motorway. On the ICE routes, 5,660 of around 5,800 kilometers are covered with LTE.” Gaps in supply on motorways and rail lines would often only be a few hundred meters. Here lies the difficulty: network operators would have to build a location exactly there. “Other locations are out of the question because they cannot close the gap. If there is no owner willing to lease there or if permits are not granted, closing the gap and thus full supply is not possible.”said the spokesman. Telekom lacked more than 300 locations on federal motorways and around 150 locations on ICE routes.

Federal Network Agency in the criticism

Vodafone also has until September 30th to fully meet the coverage requirements of at least 97 percent of households in all federal states. According to the Federal Network Agency, the main traffic routes must also be supplied by the end of the year.

The authority had been criticized for its compliant stance in the conflict with the network operators. Union parliamentary group vice-president Nadine Schön (CDU) spoke out in favor of sanctions in April 2020.

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