FedEx Rejects Huawei P30 to US Shipping

FedEx, a worldwide shipping company, returned the package to the shipper with a note to the person who wanted to ship a Huawei phone from the UK to the US.

PC Mag has reported today that FedEx has refused to ship the Huawei P30 from Britain to the United States. The world-famous company has to deliver the cargo to the owner Uz Your cargo has been returned by FedEx because of the difficulties that the US and China have had with Huawei ” note returned.

According to PC Mag, the P30 was sent to a writer for testing. The author asked for a phone call from a British colleague. His colleague wanted to ship the phone with FedEx. The sender on the customs paper identified the contents of the package. The manufacturer also wrote the model number. In short, this was not a commercial sale. It was about sending a company phone to an employee.


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Android Authority says FedEx has been too careful to return the package. The recent ban on Huawei prohibits US-based companies from doing business with Huawei, which is certainly not the case.


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Probably FedEx was trying to be cautious, but it seems that the company seems to have been a little overheated. In late May, we learned that FedEx and Huawei would terminate their partnership, and at least 2 cargoes that had to go to China were rejected by FedEx, but this was the first media exposure that FedEx did not want to ship a Huawei product to the US. example.