Female Hummingbirds Look Like Males to Avoid Violence


A new study on hummingbirds has revealed an interesting protection method developed by females. According to the study, female hummingbirds ‘look like them’ to protect themselves from attacks and harassment by males.

Hummingbirds, one of the smallest bird species living in the world; It is a cute species known for its abilities such as hovering, flapping its wings very fast, and flying backwards. One of the members of this cute species white collar hummingbirds, a new research subject. The result of the research is quite surprising.

The females of white-collar hummingbirds are usually green, gray and black, while the plumage of the male members is brighter and predominantly blue. Jay Falk, an academic at the University of Washington, wrote some articles in an article while studying these birds. female white-collar hummingbirds are quite similar to males. sees his knowledge and decides to investigate this issue.

Observations were made on 401 birds:

Falk conducts a study of 401 hummingbirds in his research to understand the cause of the condition. As a result of the examinations carried out in the study, it turns out that about 28 percent of the females resemble males with blue fur. of all young females and about 20 percent of adult females. It is determined that they look like male birds. The vast majority of female birds lose their blue plumage as they reach adulthood. In addition, male birds tend to prefer females with green feathers.

The part of the research so far is that the blue feathers in females not related to sexual selection reveals. This makes the study more interesting, and Falk continues his studies to understand why this happens in females.


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As the investigations continue, the blue-colored female, dissimilar to the stuffed male, green female and blue-colored male hummingbirds are left alone with live animals. Observations made show that female birds, which do not look like males, are killed by male birds. more attacked is showing. This suggests that hummingbirds choose to ‘look like a male’ to avoid the aggressive pecking and harassment of males, especially while feeding.

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