Fenerbahçe’s Mesut Özil Sharing Breaks an Interaction Record

A tweet that Fenerbahçe recently shared for Mesut Özil’s transfer broke the record of interaction and appreciation. The sharing, which is based on 600,000 likes alone, has become the most admired and interactive tweet in Turkish sports history.

One of the most important agenda items of Turkish sports public opinion, German football player of Turkish origin Mesut Özil’s transfer to Fenerbahçe happened. The transfer in question made such a voice especially on social media that a tweet that Fenerbahçe shared during the transfer process broke the interaction record.

Dedicated to the transfer of Mesut Özil on the night of January 16 from Fenerbahçe’s official Twitter “Come Let Us Be Night With Day ..” tweet so far Over 593 thousand likes, With over 36 thousand quotations, close to 180 thousand retweets and over 60 thousand replies The most interaction and popular sharing of Turkish sports history happened.

Fenerbahçe’s interaction and record-breaking sharing

Fenerbahce tweet

Fenerbahce fans’ interest in Mesut Özil’s transfer has also gone beyond social media. The plane that carried Mesut Özil from London to Istanbul last night, on Flightradar24, which shows all the flights in the world live. It was followed live by more than 300 thousand people.

Meanwhile in question your record Let us also state that it was approved by Metin Sipahioğlu, Member of the Board of Fenerbahçe SK. Sipahioğlu made a statement by quoting the said share, “Information: The most interactive sharing in Turkish sports history is now officially owned by Fenerbahçe Sports Club” used the expressions.

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