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It offers the most basic settings as well as a large number of different free and paid plugins that help to design the checkout process according to your own needs.

What it takes for a successful WooCommerce online shop

By default, the WooCommerce plugin has the following sub-pages:

  • Shop with an overview of the products
  • shopping cart
  • cash
  • Customer account with the order overview

In order to further optimize the online shop, it is advisable to use additional extensions. It is important to keep an eye on the needs of the customers and the intention of the shop. The best are summarized here:

  • WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor: This plugin can be used to add custom fields in the checkout process. This can prevent abandoned purchases.
  • WooCommerce Direct Checkout: This plugin ensures an accelerated payment process. This skips the shopping cart and takes customers straight to the checkout.
  • WooCommerce Boost Sales: The cross-sell plug-in ensures that additional articles are suggested to customers that complement the articles that have already been selected or that go particularly well with them.
  • WooCommerce Multistep Checkout: With this plugin, the checkout process is divided into several separate steps. Different layouts can be used for this.
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder: Many customers leave their goods in the shopping cart for a longer period of time. With this plugin, follow-up emails are sent to customers to remind them of the existing shopping cart or to offer additional coupons.

WooCommerce Checkout: Preventing abandoned purchases with the right payment gateways

In the WooCommerce checkout process, a distinction is made between redirecting and direct gateways. With the redirection gateway, the customer is redirected to an external page to pay. As a rule, however, it seems more trustworthy if the customer does not have to leave the actual shop.

As standard, the WooCommerce plugin offers the payment options bank transfer, check payments, payments by cash on delivery and PayPal. However, some popular payment options are not included here. These include the following:

WooCommerce checkout
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We recommend adding the most popular payment options in addition to avoid high bounce rates. In order to prevent further abandoned purchases, it is important to choose payment gateways that cover transactions with as many countries as possible. However, shop owners should check in advance where most customers come from and what are the most popular payment methods in those countries. Using several coordinated gateways in the WooCommerce checkout process is the best solution to cover as many customers and their needs as possible.

The 3 most important questions for WooCommerce merchants

  1. When is WooCommerce the right shop system for me?

The open source solution is particularly suitable for companies that operate an online shop that is product- and customer-focused without containing complex features.

  1. Which German regulations does my online shop have to comply with?

The German market is very special and is subject to relatively strict regulations to protect consumers. It is therefore advisable to use a suitable plug-in, such as Germanized. It expands WooCommerce with functionalities that are important for the German market and thus ensures higher conversions and fewer abandoned purchases.

  1. Will WooCommerce prove itself as a shop system in the future?

Since the manufacturers are continuously developing the plugin, the prerequisites for WooCommerce are very good. The ecosystem around WooCommerce, such as themes and plugins, is also growing steadily. “However, there are risks, e. B. the market power of Amazon and Co., which makes it difficult for smaller retailers to assert themselves. I think and hope that there will be a functioning network of different, independent providers in the future and that the Open Internet will continue to exist ”, says the expert Dennis Nissle from vendidero. Vendidero are specialists for WooCommerce in Germany.

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Sales Lead DACH, Mollie.
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The author Vanda Astfäller heads the sales team for the DACH region Mollie. Thanks to her expertise in fintech, payment and e-commerce, she helps online retailers to optimize their online shop and increase conversions with the right payment method. Before that, Vanda was at Wirecard GmbH for 9 years, where she most recently headed a large team as Head of Sales.