Fiber: Hannover will not let 1 & 1 Versatel to sewer


1 & 1 Versatel, together with the company Fast Opticom, plans to lay empty conduits and glass fiber in the sewers of the city of Hannover, but the administration is resisting this. This explained Frederic Ufer, Head of Law and Regulation at the Association of Providers of Telecommunications and Value-Added Services (VATM) in conversation with According to a letter from the VATM to the Federal Network Agency, it is disputed whether obstructions in sewers in the inner-city area are caused by the laying of empty conduits of about three kilometers in length.

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It is important to 1 & 1 Versatel to choose this short and direct way through the sewer, as the city of Hannover the way of a conventional laying in the street through the "Arrangement of various breakers" This would lead to a tripling of costs by detours and a considerable delay in development, the letter says.

The dewatering companies fear that the shared use of the passive infrastructure would create a strain on the sealing cushions, which could affect the empty pipes. According to the VATM, this has not withstood the expert review. The refusal because of lack of space is missing according to the letter "on a sufficiently concrete reasoning",

Due to the resistance of the drainage companies, proceedings are pending before the ruling chamber of the Federal Network Agency citing the shared use of passive infrastructure in accordance with the Diginetz Act. 1 & 1 Versatel Germany wants an uncomplicated resolution of the dispute.