FinFisher: Public prosecutor investigates alleged state trojan export


The Munich public prosecutor investigates whether the Munich-based company FinFisher alias Gamma Group has illegally supplied espionage software to the Turkish government. Among other things, the prosecutors are responding to media reports from the previous year, according to which Turkish opposition figures were spied on a few years ago apparently with Trojans of German origin. It should have been used as a FinSpy or FinFisher designated application of Munich.

It is determined after a Criminal complaint from the beginning of July, which has put together with the Society for Freedom Rights (GFF), Reporters Without Borders and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights. Computer scientists from the civil society organization Access Now found out by means of forensic analyzes of the anti-Turkish protest movement and comparing it with older known versions of FinSpy that "due to blatant similarities in the source code and in the metadata almost certainly" is a finisher Product must act.

According to a resolution passed by the Federal Cabinet for the reform of the Foreign Trade and Payments of 2015, exports of surveillance systems, such as voice telephony and data retention, must at least be approved and no longer allowed to run unchecked. However, the Federal Government announced in June that so far no licenses had been issued for the product group of the state Trojans. The suspicion suggested that FinFisher could have illegally exported the software. Authoritarian regimes in Egypt, Ethiopia and Bahrain, for example, are said to have already used surveillance technology from Germany.

If FinFisher sells the program of the same name without state permission to Turkey or other countries, the responsible employees may face imprisonment of up to five years. The case has landed in the meantime, according to advertisers at the Customs Criminal Office, which is responsible for violations of the Foreign Trade Act and even has a license to use State Trojans. It is known that FinFisher has supplied the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) with such spying software. The company wanted on request of a media team do not comment on the process.


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