Finland’s “90 Days Trial of Life in Helsinki” Project


Wanting to attract talented and educated people from all over the world to their country, Finland has started a remarkable application. The people whose applications have been accepted experience life in Helsinki for 90 days.

One of the most important assets for countries is trained workforce. Especially in areas with high added value such as software and technology Many countries have projects to attract qualified workforce. One of them is Finland’s “90 days life trial project in Helsinki” appears to be.

Last year, the number of people who applied for this project was 5,330. Helsinki Business Hub by The application launched aims to make Finland a center of attraction in many fields, especially technology.

90 days trial for life in Finland:


Helsinki Business Hub (HBH) selects 15 applicants and collects those people and their families from the airport. Later, the authorities, who take the Helsinki city to tour, introduce the new Helsinki candidates to cultural trainings. Remote working opportunities HBH also provides newcomers with the necessary business contacts and documents required for a three-month stay.


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To those who are accepted to the project in housing, school and kindergarten helping. On the other hand, HBH does not cover the rent and flight ticket costs of outsiders. In other words, people who will go at this point should use their own means.

Finland is ambitious in technology:



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Among those who have come to the project before Investors and software developers from the gaming industry and people with other technology skills. Helsinki, one of the cities least affected by the pandemic, also has attractive features in this sense.

Finnish history Linux, Nokia, SMS technologies such as. Today, it is known that there are many technology initiatives in the central country. HBH’s Johanna Huurre in her statement about the project “We have a good education system; many engineers and programmers are growing, but the demand is so high that they are not enough.” says. Those who apply for the project but cannot receive acceptance are then registered in a database that can be used by employers in the city.