FinTech Payout starts in Germany with automated online payment solutions – eCommerce Magazin


  • Payaut is regulated by the DNB (Dutch National Bank) and recently received its European payments license.
  • The online payment service provider raised over $ 3 million at the end of 2020 thanks to business angels like Adyen and Mollie as well as European VC funds.
  • Now the FinTech company has its offer in Germany, with Angelina Rigby as Country Manager.

It was only in November 2020 that the fast-growing company raised over three million US dollars (2.65 million euros) in a seed financing round. Behind Payaut are renowned business angels from Adyen and Mollie as well as leading European VC funds such as LocalGlobe (Robinhood, TransferWise, Cazoo), Entrée (Cazoo, Gusto, Monday) and Finch Capital (BUX, Hiber, Fixico). The investment will now be used for product development and European expansion. It will be easier for new customers to incorporate the payment solution and integrate it into existing marketplaces. The verification of new providers on a platform is also made easier.

In addition, Payaut plans to open up new markets in Europe: “We want to scale quickly and grow to $ 300 million in payment volume by 2022. Our strong fintech investors now enable us to roll out into new markets. Germany is just the start – we have all of Europe in our sights, ”explains Ernst van Niekerk, CEO of Payaut.

Market entry in Germany for Fintech Payaut: From Amsterdam to Berlin

Germany is a key market for FinTechs, and Payaut is no exception. The goal is to triple the number of customers by the end of 2021 and since the fintech has just received its Europe-wide payment lists, nothing stands in the way. With the opening of the Berlin Payaut office, the company aims to meet local needs more quickly and German safety and quality standards even better. With Angelina Rigby as head of Germany, the local business is in good hands to develop the customer portfolio on site. Angelina has, among other things, gained FinTech experience in management positions at companies such as PayPal, American Express and Zooz.

Fintech Germany
Angelina Rigby is the new Country Manager from payout. (Image: Payaut)

“Currently, common marketplace solutions from payment providers (PSPs) do not allow online retailers to work with multiple PSPs without any problems. The traders on the marketplaces would have to go through the risk assessment again for the payouts at each PSP. With Payaut, we want to open up and democratize the payment options for marketplaces and platforms through a one-time check. This is how we make your life easier and you can provide the best possible service and grow indefinitely. This payment solution is unique and I am very happy to be leading the market entry in Germany, ”says Angelina Rigby.

“Payaut offers a much-needed solution for a wide range of online marketplaces,” said Suzanne Ashman, General Partner at LocalGlobe. “They are already helping marketplaces in the rental, fashion, ticketing, healthcare and sharing economy sectors. We know the challenges marketplaces and platforms face when it comes to working with PSPs and complying with the new regulations. We know from our own experience that the Payaut solution will be very much welcomed on many platforms abroad. ”

The comprehensive payment solution for marketplaces in Europe

Payaut was founded in 2019 by Ernst van Niekerk (ex. Adyen) and Gillis Haasnoot (ex. Spilgames). Both experts in the payment industry as well as in e-commerce. Their mission is to offer operators and users of online marketplaces the best e-commerce experience. Payaut’s payment solution ensures that the money that flows through online marketplaces ends up with the right seller, regardless of whether it is a private person or a company.

The platform acts as a link between the payment service provider and the sellers. In this way, Payaut prevents online marketplaces from necessarily being tied to a single PSP. Instead, Payaut customers are able to combine several payment services such as Adyen, Stripe, Unzer or Mollie. This results in higher authorization rates, unlimited payment options, reduced downtime and the best prices on the market. With Payaut, the marketplace is PSD2-compliant, because the platform takes care of the everyday hurdles of payouts, split payments and KYC, among other things. This allows online marketplaces to focus on getting the most out of their platform and growing their business.