Fire in Muğla Reaches Thermal Power Plant


The fire, which started in Muğla today and has expanded despite the air intervention, can be viewed on the map of NASA, where it transfers fires around the world moment by moment. According to the map, the distance between the flames and Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant was 12 kilometers.

The fire, which started in Muğla’s Çökertme district during the daylight hours of August 1, could not be brought under control yet. According to NASA’s live fire map Fire Map, it’s about Flames continuing their effect in an area of ​​85 square kilometers increases its effect.

Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant, located in Menteşe district, is located in the direction of the flames. For this reason, both the people of the region and the citizens who are far from the region can express the situation on social media. in an emergency call exists.

According to NASA’s live map, the distance between the fire and the thermal power plant in Muğla is 12 kilometers: