First Developer Preview of Google Fuchsia OS Coming Soon

According to reports, Google is preparing to publish the first developer preview of the Fuchsia OS operating system. A new branch prepared at the end of January seems to be a harbinger of this development.

In late January, Google, Fuchsia OS projesinde created a new branch and this branch was named releases / F1. After the new branch was opened, many codes were added on this branch. Six weeks later, the Fuchsia OS team created a similar releases / F2 branch.

On the other hand, the Google Flutter team Preparing for the release of Fuchsia F1 As a non-Linux based operating system, Fuchsia OS runs on a new microkernel called Zircon. This operating system is expected to support Android and Linux application procedures.

First samples from last year


If the final test of the operating system, which gave the signs of major tests last year, passes well, Google is for developers first Fuchsia OS preview version will release. The company officially released the project for external developers late last year.


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However, Google has not released any installation versions of the operating system to date. Those who want to try it should download the source code themselves and install it on supported devices, or Runs in the emulator had to.

The project to be realized with open source code, It will be similar to AOSP and in different hardware able to work. These devices will include smart home appliances, laptops, smartphones and other devices.

Fuchsia will be a world of its own



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Commenting on Fuchsia OS Hiroshi Lockheimer, the head of Android and Chrome OS, in his statement “We are developing more new features for this new operating system. Some people might think it is” New Android “or” New Chrome OS “but I would like to say that Fuchsia OS is Fuchsia OS – a new kind of operating system world ... ” says.

Google seems to be expecting quite a lot from Fuchsia OS. What do you think about the new operating system? Could Google take the throne of Microsoft one day?

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