First Look at League of Legends Dragon-Themed Costumes


Riot Games, the developer of the League of Legends game, announced new legendary costumes for the most popular representative of the MOBA genre. It was also revealed how the costumes looked.

That entered our lives years ago League of LegendsMaybe he was not the founder of the MOBA genre, but he was the pioneer of the genre to reach very large audiences. With the changes it has undergone since that day and the new content it has added, the game has managed to maintain its top position for many years. Finally new in the game “Dragonmancer” The (Dragonfly?) Costumes were announced.

New with posts from League of Legends official accounts legendary costumes has also been introduced. As those familiar with the series know, when legendary skins are selected, the appearance of champions’ abilities also changes.

New legendary costumes are coming