First Statement About Hacking From Twitch


Twitch confirmed the hacking event that took place today in a statement shared on its Twitter account and announced that the work is continuing.

Today, in the morning hours, the internet world encountered an event where Twitch, the most popular broadcasting platform of today, was hacked to the bone. A user on 4chan shared that he didn’t like Twitch’s recent stance. With 125GB file He shared a lot of information, including all the income of Twitch publishers in the last 3 years, and a project that we have not heard of yet.

The statement from Twitch on the subject came hours later. The statement, which came hours after every media outlet on the internet reported on Twitch, directly confirmed the data leak. Twitch’s full statement was as follows:

Twitch confirmed the hack:


We can confirm that a leak has occurred. Our teams are working to understand the extent of this. We will notify the community as soon as additional information becomes available. Thank you for being with us.

Twitch’s statement only covers the leak. confirmed and the work was done showed. We expect detailed explanations to come in the coming period.

You can learn all the information about Twitch’s hacking event below:


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