Flash Attracts Attention with Season 6 Photos


Watched especially by those who love the DC Cinematic Universe, Flash will continue unabated with its 6th season after the end of its 5th season. The filmmakers gave the signals that they would watch a season full of adventure with the published photos.

Flash lovers are waiting for the series lovers, the 6th season in October will meet the audience. While the 5th season is very exciting, a quick opening is expected, and the crossover episodes during the season are among the curious episodes.

Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, which will be released later, is planned to be filled with great excitement. The Flash Team, who will not get out of trouble this season, will not have much time before the crossover episode.

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What awaits you in the new season?

Barry, Iris and Cisco will start their new journey “Into the Void ile with their sixth season premiere on October 8th.

Recently, The CW released some photos from Season 6 episodes. Unlike other photos published on the Internet before the new season, these photos published by CW'in those who follow the series will be very interested and expect to see the scenes contain.

The most striking images of the followers were Flash's new costume and the return of the character Mar Novu, also known as LaMonica Garrett, also known as The Monitor.

Here are some remarkable photos from season 6

New costume photos

Mar Novu