Flight Simulator: The next world update will polish up Germany and the Alpine countries


The next world update VI for the Microsoft Flight Simulator should bring improved scenarios for Central Europe. In addition to revised airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, more detailed sights are also planned. In a Q&A video, the project manager at the developer studio Asobo Jörg Neumann already showed the first pictures from the upcoming update.

The so-called “Points of Interest” include the Deutsches Eck near Koblenz, the Ferris wheel in Vienna and the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, but also modern buildings such as the Allianz Arena in Munich or the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. It is also planned to spruce up Vienna with photogrammetric textures.

Marienburg near Hanover

So far, 19 German cities have already been modeled in the Flight Simulator using photogrammetry and therefore look very realistic. The remaining landscapes were created using AI algorithms from satellite photos from Microsoft’s own map service Bing Maps and information from OpenStreetmap. In the case of buildings, however, these are often wrong, so that sports stadiums look like toilet bowls or a skyscraper suddenly sprouts up in one-family housing estates.

The world update is due to appear on August 26th and, in addition to the revised cities and landscapes, also brings a new aircraft with the Junkers Ju-52. The Flight Simulator is available in three editions for 65 Euro (Standard), 80 Euro (Deluxe) and 110 Euro (Premium-Deluxe)each containing more aircraft and more finely recreated airports. In addition to the online sales versions via Windows Store and Steam, the standard and premium editions are also available as Disc-Version mit 10 DVDs, which Aerosoft sells. The standard version of Flight Simulator is included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC. On July 27, the Flight Simulator will also be released for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game consoles (test).

Developer Q&A Twitch Series: World Updates – June 17th, 2021

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