Foldable smartphone: Samsung has sold up to 500,000 Galaxy Fold

Samsung mobile boss Koh Koh-jin has released official Galaxy Fold sales. According to Koh, Samsung is said to have sold 400,000 to 500,000 smartphones with a foldable display. The manager announced the numbers at CES 2020 in conversation with journalists, like the South Korean news agency Yonhap reports,

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Samsung manager son Young-kwon had recently spoken of a million devices sold. However, this number was a misunderstanding: Sohn had mixed up the current sales figures and the targeted sales volume.

After the botched market launch of the Galaxy Fold, the sales figures are definitely a success. Construction problems had forced Samsung to postpone the market launch in April 2019. At € 2,100, the Galaxy Fold is also relatively expensive.

First worldwide available smartphone with foldable display

The Galaxy Fold is the first widely available smartphone with a foldable display. The device has a 7.3-inch screen on the inside that can be folded in the middle. On the outside, the smartphone has another, smaller screen that users can use when the device is folded.

In the test by, the Galaxy Fold performed well in itself, we are annoying but with the clearly visible fold in the middle of the display. We also find the format of the device to be not very practical: we were disturbed by the fact that we really always opened the smartphone in everyday life because the outside screen is much too small.

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