For iPhones and iPads: iOS 14.6 brings Podcasts subscription and eliminates weak points


Apple made iOS and iPadOS 14.6 available for download on Monday evening. The updates can be imported directly to iPhones and iPads via the integrated software update or alternatively downloaded and installed via iTunes or the macOS Finder. The size varies depending on the device; on an iPhone 12, for example, just under 900 MB have to be downloaded.

iOS and iPadOS 14.6 concentrate on new functions relating to Apple services: In Apple’s Podcasts app, you can now subscribe to the first channels (collections of several different podcasts) and individual podcasts for a fee, billed via Apple’s in-app payment interface. iOS 14.6 is also the prerequisite for using Apple Music Losless and Spatial Audio, as the company previously announced.

In the USA, owners of the Apple Card will be given the option to share it with up to five people as part of the family sharing scheme. Additional tools should enable expenditure management, as the company has announced. The Apple Card does not yet exist in Germany, which should also be due to the credit card fees capped by the EU Parliament.

AirTag owners can now choose to leave an email address instead of a phone number to contact them. In addition, AirTags show the owner’s “partially hidden phone number” when reading via NFC, as Apple explains.

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More from Mac & i

The update is intended to remove an error when unlocking the iPhone via Apple Watch if the smartphone was then locked again from the watch. In addition, reminders are no longer displayed as “blank lines” in certain cases, Apple writes.

Users of the voice control operating aid are now able to unlock the device with their voice after a restart. According to the package insert, the new version also eliminates problems related to disconnection of the Bluetooth connection during phone calls. “IPhone performance was slow in some cases during startup,” Apple also notes. With iOS 14.6 this should no longer happen.

iOS and iPadOS 14.6 eliminate numerous security vulnerabilities, including critical ones that allow an app to gain root rights or execute arbitrary code with kernel rights. Apple currently lists a total of 43 fixed vulnerabilities. Sometimes further loopholes that have been rectified are only communicated afterwards. Apple is currently testing iOS 14.7, on June 7th Apple is expected to present iOS and iPadOS 15 at the WWDC keynote. Such major updates usually appear in the fall.


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